Our History

Bearstone Pick Your Own Fruit Farm was started by the Roberts family in 1971 by Owen Roberts and and his son John Roberts when he left school at the age of 16. To start with, we only grew a small field of strawberries for the Pick Your Own market and the fruit was sold from the back of the farm van! The fruit season was much shorter then. We have since branched out into growing raspberries and a large variety of different fruit and vegetables for customers to pick and the season has been extended to run from early June to early August.

The first ‘shed’ from which we sold strawberries was a DIY tin lean to, which got very hot to work in on sunny days! Since then there have been various sheds and shelters leading to the current set up of a wooden fruit shed, second wooden refreshments shed complete with two marquees and picnic area. The car park up the bank boasts spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and is surrounded by several picturesque pools. The Pick Your Own Fruit Farm is still primarily family run and you will see us all working at the field throughout the year. Although there have been many changes over the years, we still pride ourselves on excellent customer service and on our Open Field Grown Produce (no tunnels or grow bags here!) which we believe results in the best quality and flavour soft fruit and vegetables.

Customers come and pick their own fruit and vegetables for eating fresh or for home freezing, jamming and bottling. We do also try when possible to have some ready picked fruit and vegetables available from the shed. We have always attracted mixed ages of pickers and families coming from the immediate locality and from further afield places such as Stoke-on-Trent, Crewe, Shrewsbury, Stafford and even Manchester and Birmingham. Bearstone Fruit Farm can be a great day out for people both wishing to pick large quantities of fruit for freezing or a nice family day out. The farm also has a flock of about 100 sheep and a few beef cattle. We grow other crops including wheat, oats and barley on the farm. We have also hosted school farm visits as part of the Higher Level Stewardship Scheme where the children look at the way food is grown and learn about farming, the countryside and healthy eating.

Our produce is carefully grown right through from when it is planted (often painstakingly by hand) up to the moment of harvest. At Bearstone Fruit Farm we are always happy to welcome new visitors each year to enjoy the Pick Your Own experience.

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